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Art Based Therapy

Art is important to the development of all children, but it is practically more valuable for children with disability. When creating art the children is building a wide variety of skills-both motor and cognitive. Various sensory experience involved in art production are positive and pleasurable sensations, additionally, the creative process provides opportunity for expressing ideas and emotions which can sometimes difficult for children with disabilities. Simple art project like hand print, simple craft and finger painting. Use clay and giving different shapes and texture material like glue to paper and cardboard, once ready we give them complex projects. In addition to art supplies to incorporate and active material like beats wool, play dough. These materials are very therapeutic for children and they enhance their eye hand co-ordination and motor skills. Through art therapy, children receive treatment that is based on their exiting strength, weaken interest and concentration that can help children of all ages.

Rhymes and movement :

Movement activities not only aid fine gross motor development, but also stimulate attention co operation, sensory processing, visual skill, speech and language development and impulse control.

Dance :

Dance can be structures or free form, both these styles can have their own benefits. Free form allows more creativity and self expression. Dance is also therapy it helps to develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Eg. Spinning, Jumping, Hopping, tiptoeing small kids are taught to do actions songs like “Put your right head in..” and adult benefit from dance of their favorite song.

Rhythm :

Movement activities with music is a great way to get kids motivated. They can clap, play instruments to the beat of that rhythm. Rhythm helps kids to establish routines and the children begin to know what to expect start/stop movement activities during the practice by braking the rhythm, freeze dance.

Props :

Using props such as parachute large groups get them motivated movement activities like lifting up and down, and putting small colored balls on top and sewing the balls bounce, the children get motivated. They run to pick up the balls, share the balls. We can play some fun tunes during such activities.

Dance or clour balls :