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Early Childhood Education

Early childhood is both the most critical and the most vulnerable period in a child’s development. If a child shows to have a delay in a developmental domain, a disability or a condition that places them at a risk for a delay or disability, then early identification and intervention can be crucial in fostering the developmental outcome of the child.

We provide intervention to a child anytime from the time they are born. We provide services and supports that include wide range of developmental, educational, and therapeutic activities that enhance a child’s development and their relationships with family members.

Developmental Therapy

Developmental therapy is a specific, individualized and focused intervention designed to promote a child’s motor, cognitive, language, social and emotional development as well as self-help skills during the most significant period of development - birth through 5 years. Children who have mild delays in one or more areas of development may benefit from developmental therapy.

Developmental therapists assesses a child’s global development and designs specific, individualized and focused direct intervention strategies that promote the Acquisition, Integration and Generalization of knowledge and skills across all areas of development. The strategies involve planning and arranging the child’s learning environment, including activities, materials, time and space as well as planned interactions with peers and adults that promote the successful achievement of outcomes.