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Music Therapy

Music is the language of emotions. Music can be so evocative and overwhelming that it can only be described as standing halfway between thought and phenomenon. We all know how powerful music can be in our own lives and in the lives of our children. When it is applied to special children, it totally captivates them and makes a great way to connect with them. We provide music in two forms, as a therapy and as a skill development. Students are given music therapy through vocal music that helps the children to calm down and bring change in their behavioral issues. They are also trained to learn keyboard and drums as a skill.

Musical Emotions:

“If man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps, it is because hear a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he learns, however measured or for away Hendry David Thoreau(1817-1862).

When we hear one of our favorite songs, we all feel as if we were being transported back through time and we experience love or some other pleasant feeling that brings us a smile. It sometimes takes us to when we were kids in school or college.

Music is a universal language of love and expression. It offers the mind a unique way to connect, to relate and interact with others. It is a means of expressing different emotions. This infact is one of the main reasons why people listen to music to change their moods. Singing songs, Bhajans, and shlokas makes children remember various thoughts and improves speech and rhyming while singing. It exercises their vocal chords and accelerates voice modulation.