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Physical Education

Physical education in begin in the early intervention with rhythmical activities, then proceed do various games, competitive athletics and team sports as they move to higher levels. The children are given training to age appropriate balance and co ordination exercises.

Adventure sports:

Out door and adventure games brings excitement for our children with the therapist assistance children are made to climb, crawl, walk, jump in these activities.

Through these adventure sports the brain make new natural path ways and even though if the children have not got young early therapies which they are young adult have train them through these brain training. It helps them to improve balance, spatial awareness development perception, visual tracking, using their body to bend , stretch accordingly to the skill they perform.


Regular out door , indoor work out programme play a major role in our communication with the help of therapist and the physical education.

children are given training in various sports activities so they can be part with other children. Role based games and also gives training which improves their social interaction and how to follow rules and wait for chance. This also includes a variety of fitness , outdoor programme helping people grow.