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Yoga and Naturopathy

Our approach towards special children:

We at KPA provide holistic intervention for the special children. We have full- fledged infrastructure and experienced professionals of Naturopathy and yogic system of medicine to treat and teach the children in one on one basics.

Aim of the treatment is to pacify the disturbance found in the four main areas of special children Neurological systems, gastro - intestinal systems, immune systems and metabolic systems.

The regular practice of yoga helps the children to be calm, focused and balanced by reducing their hyperactivity. It also helps the children by improving their fine motor skills, sensory integration, attention span and co-ordination. It enhances the normal function of the digestive and immune system. It helps children improve their muscle tone and also to lose weight. We also offer various other therapies such as Pancha Karma ,Herbal medicine, Diet therapy and Hydrotherapy.