Speech Therapy

Speech language pathologist is responsible for preventing, assessing and treating communication and related disorders Communication involves process of understanding and production of oral and other forms of language. The ultimate goal of speech pathologist is to help the child communicate in functional way. Speech delay in a child may be a simple or may be a sign of serious disorder. Any speech issue can have an impact on child’s academic skills and daily living if not intervened at the earliest.

Our speech Pathologist helps the child by assessing the in-depth communication behavior and plans a treatment protocol and implements the activity on one-on-one basis with a detailed intervention protocol.

Non-verbal Communication

Most non-verbal children are intelligent aware and sensitive. But because communication is bedrock of social interactions, their ability to integrate into mainstream society remains limited. We decided that as teachers, we wanted to contribute in our own way to unveil this personality by giving them the power of communication. So in our campus we train the children to communicate through PECS (Picture exchange communication system) and through AVAZ using Ipad. PECS is designed to teach functional communication skills with an initial focus on spontaneous communication with the aid of picture cards.

Communication through Ipad using AVAZ will facilitate conversation and social interaction into the eco-system of our children and the world they inhabit. It helps of identity as much as speech does for verbal people.