Early Childhood Education


Nurturing Early Childhood Development

Early childhood is both the most critical and the most vulnerable period in a child’s development. If a child shows to have a delay in a developmental domain, a disability or a condition that places them at a risk for a delay or disability, then early identification and intervention can be crucial in fostering the developmental outcome of the child.

We provide intervention to a child anytime from the time they are born. We provide services and supports that include wide range of developmental, educational, and therapeutic activities that enhance a child’s development and their relationships with family members.

Fostering Comprehensive Child Development

Developmental therapy is a specific, individualized and focused intervention designed to promote a child’s motor, cognitive, language, social and emotional development as well as self-help skills during the most significant period of development - birth through 5 year Children who have mild delays in one or more areas of development may benefit from developmental therapy.