Vocational Skills Training & Sheltered Workshop


Empowering Independence through Vocational Training

In order to achieve “total independence”, our children need to know how to take care of themselves and be economically independent as well. Children who either have successfully completed the above stages of learning or older children who have difficulties in going into academic learning undergo vocational training specifically chosen according to their individual ability.

Some other children, who are successful academically, are also encouraged for vocational training. These children will undergo a transition program, where the skills already learned in the school are transferred to vocational activities

Fostering Practical Skills for Independence

We aim to impart skills such as marketing, functional math and language skills, selling; money concepts, social communication etc. to our older children and gradually have them employed in the society by outside employer In the near future, we are planning to open our own commercial outlet where we teach children skill sets that will be useful for their economical independence.

Besides this our children are trained to take care of household chores like cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. Some students are also taught office skills like typing, data entry, photocopying, laminating which help them to work in an office environment successfully.


Enabling Through Sheltered Workshops

Sheltered Workshops are facility based day programs attended by adults with disabilities as an alternative to work in an open labor market work. The main focus of shelter Workshops is to promote preferences and choices of work activities that are relatively simple. Such as assembling, packing, wood work, manufacturing of basic items, services or sewing. It also includes leisure and fitness programs.

The main advantage of sheltered workshops is that these provide safer work alternatives in comparison to employment in external environments. Also these Workshops are less demanding in terms of work and social skills and provide greater opportunities and promote interpersonal skills and communication.