Physical Education


Physical Education for Holistic Development

Fostering Holistic Development Through Physical Education At KPA, we recognize the pivotal role of physical education in nurturing holistic development, especially in the early intervention stages. Our approach commences with rhythmical activities that lay a strong foundation for physical well-being. As students progress through our programs, they engage in various games, competitive athletics, and team sports tailored to their developmental levels.

In addition to these activities, we place a strong emphasis on age-appropriate balance and coordination exercises. This equips our students with essential skills that extend beyond physical fitness, promoting their overall growth and well-being. By integrating physical education with our curriculum, we empower each child to embark on a journey of comprehensive development and personal growth.

Adventure sports

Our outdoor and adventure activities infuse a sense of excitement and achievement in our children. With dedicated therapist assistance, children actively participate in activities like climbing, crawling, walking, and jumping.

These adventure sports act as cognitive training for the brain, creating new neural pathways. This training is beneficial even for young adults who might have missed early therapeutic interventions. Through these activities, students develop essential skills such as balance, spatial awareness, perceptual development, and visual tracking.



Regular out door , indoor work out programme play a major role in our communication with the help of therapist and the physical education.

Children are given training in various sports activities so they can be part with other children. Role based games and also gives training which improves their social interaction and how to follow rules and wait for chance. This also includes a variety of fitness , outdoor programme helping people grow.